First Published: January 25, 2021 | Last Updated: December 24, 2021

The gist: personality tests and systems help you understand yourself and validate your ideas, like what I recently realized from Human Design.

I went down a rabbit hole of the Human Design system...typology...whatever it is earlier this week.

Overall, I find the system very complex and confusing and the official resources are a usability nightmare.

But still, down the rabbit hole I fell.

Because once I read one sentence in my typing "results," I was in.

Apparently, I'm a Projector, and Projectors were put on this earth to help other people manage their energy.

And hello, do you know me?

Even if we haven't been connected very long, IF that's the case, there's a good chance you found me through my energy management tracker.

Or one of my four videos and blog posts about managing energy.

Or one of my dozen interviews and features about managing energy.

Or any number of other things where I talk about helping people...that's right...manage their energy.

This is just like when, 2 months after launching my automation course, I found out that I was an INTJ and INTJs love automation.


This is what I love about personality typing and systems and astrology and stuff.

Ultimately, when you feel seen in them you can better understand yourself, and make decisions and moves accordingly.

Not every system or methodology will get you or see you perfectly.

For example, I don't even relate to the Enneagram enough to consistently remember which number of it I am (I think it's a number between 3 and 7, which is like, half the options).

That's fine!

But for other people, it's helped them understand their own quirks and habits and then do something with that.

Just like I've done with MBTI over the years, and am looking forward to doing with human design soon.

It knows I love energy management, so it obviously understands me at least a little.

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