Working brighter is better together! Read on to learn how we work with other brands and influencers, then contact us to make magic happen together.

About Us

Work Brighter is a digital media company that helps productive unicorns go beyond working smarter to a version of productivity that makes room for “unproductive” things like rest, self-care, and fun.

The Work Brighter platform reaches an engaged community of millennial professionals of over 15,000 across our website, signature newsletter, and social media platforms.

About Our Audience

When you collaborate with Work Brighter, you reach a worldwide audience of ambitious, productive professionals who are learning to balance their career with the rest of their lives.

Our audience primarily includes:

  • Employees at startups and small online businesses
  • Freelance creatives like writers and designers
  • Solopreneurs and business owners

And we're a diverse, amazing group of women, men, and non-binary friends. Some of us are straight, some are LGBTQ. Some are healthy, while lots of us live with chronic physical and mental illnesses. Inclusivity is a priority for any collaborations we take part in.

What brings us together is our commitment to living smarter, brighter, more productive lives, both at work and outside of it.

Looking for numbers and hard stats? Look no further:

  • Newsletter subscribers: 2.2K (with a 40% open rate and 9% CTR)
  • Facebook group members: 1.1K
  • Twitter followers (founder's personal account): 7.4K
  • Instagram followers: 275
  • Monthly pageviews: 5.9K

How We Can Collaborate

So, what kind of magic can we make together? Well, it depends on whether you wanna hang out at your place or mine.

If you want to hang out with the Work Brighter community, you can:

  • Become a monthly sponsor, which includes 4 newsletter promotions, a blog post, a YouTube video, and social media promotions. (ONLY 6 AVAILABLE FOR 2019)
  • Host a live training in the Productive Unicorns Facebook group
  • Create a featured resource for productivity and/or self-care in the Work Brighter Clubhouse

If you want Brittany, our founder, to come to your audience, she can teach them to work brighter through a:

  • Livestream to your Facebook or Instagram audience
  • Guest post on your blog
  • Interview on your podcast
  • Presentation for your online summit
  • Guest lecture to your team, mastermind, or group coaching program
  • IRL group presentation (NYC-area only)

Schpiels we Can Give

When Brittany's teaching your audience, there's a lot she *could* talk about, including the top 10 funniest episodes of Will & Grace (excluding the new seasons since she hasn't ranked those yet). 

But here are the things she *should* talk about, and is qualified to give advice on:

  • How to work brighter (and why working smarter isn't enough)
  • Why you should manage your energy before your time or to-do list
  • How to create systems for mental health and self-care
  • Tips for growing your business/career while mentally or chronically ill
  • How to define balance for yourself to avoid (or at least reduce) burnout