Feeling tired and foggy from yet another productivity hangover? 🥱

Even if you've never heard of a productivity hangover, I *guarantee* you know what one feels like... 😬

You worked hard all day, crushed your to-do list, and feel AMAZING about how much work you got done in a single day. 

You can't wait to get some sleep and then do it all over again tomorrow. 😴

But then tomorrow comes...and you're EXHAUSTED. You're tired, you're unfocused, and you can't seem to find your groove.

frustrated gif

Where did all your productivity go?!?!

Well unicorn, you used it all up yesterday, even though you have 3 days left of work this week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

THAT is where a productivity hangover comes from - your productivity not being aligned with the rest of your life, primarily your energy. ⚡️

This is where energy management comes in - learning how to make your to-do list work WITH your body & life.

Tracking and managing your energy can straight-up change your life, without having to change much at all. 

(That's right, no ridiculous productivity hacks needed!)

By better understanding your natural energy, peak hours, and existing habits, you can take advantage of it all to unlock new levels of productivity.

Get started today with my free energy management tracker! 🎉

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