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The Energy Effect

the energy effect lesson 1

Feeling tired and foggy from yet another productivity hangover? 😂

Sounds like you need to start using energy management.

And this self-paced course with AMAZING worksheets will walk you through everything you need to get started.

The Happy Habits ToolkIt

happy habits challenge

If your goals are your end destination, habits are your turn-by-turn navigation: how achievements get met, projects get complete, and magic gets made. ✨

But the hardest part of a habit is first starting.

So this toolkit gives you everything you need to use the Happy Habit framework to start a new habit in 4 weeks.

Work Brighter With Notion toolkit

work brighter with notion template bundle promo image

Notion is one of the most flexible, customizable work management tools I've ever used.

But even though that's exactly why I love the tool, I know that's also the exact reason other people find it overwhelming.

This 45-minute getting started training with the app, AND 10+ dashboard template take care of that. 🙌

This way you can skip the scariest part of using Notion: the learning curve.