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Frequently Asked Questions

Who hosts this party?

Brittany Berger is the founder of Work Brighter. She’s a content marketing strategist and consultant who spent 7 years working in tech startups before going out on her own in 2017 to make working brighter “a thing.” (Has it happened yet?!)

…And yes, even though Brittany’s the one writing this, Brittany will continue writing in third-person because turns out, it’s fun! She gets why Sergeant Terry Jeffords does it.

Okay, cool. Can I pitch you my guest blog post idea?

Sorry, but no thank you! Guest posts on the Work Brighter blog are offered on an invitation-only basis.

How about adding a link to my blog post/ultimate guide/infographic?

Nope, our content is fine without it, thank you very much!

Gotcha. So…can we partner together for a collaboration of some kind?

Not sure, but let’s find out!

Work Brighter is definitely open to collaboration ideas and, especially if you’re looking to:

  • Become a sponsor of the Work Brighter newsletter
  • Interview our founder, Brittany, on your podcast/blog/video show
  • Co-host a webinar with Brittany to teach your audience about the Work Brighter mindset

Leave a message below about what you have in mind.

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