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The gist: Welcome to our first Work Brighter With Notion hangout! πŸŽ‰ These livestreams are inspired by Marie Poulin's Notion Office Hours, they're casual, interactive walkthroughs of different parts of my Notion workspace.

Today, we're doing a general tour to introduce you to how I use Notion for productivity, self-care, mental health, and more. If a certain page, database, or dashboard piques your interest, comment on the video and let me know, so I know what to make follow-up videos on. πŸ˜€

You also might like to know that most of what I've built in my own Notion workspace is based on the templates inside the Work Brighter with Notion bundle.

And just a little bit more about me before we dive in:

If you are not familiar with me or Work Brighter yet, my name is Brittany Berger. Like I said, I'm the founder of Work Brighter

We're a digital media company that offers the tools, training, and support that you need to escape the Hustle Culture mindset, and redefine your relationships with productivity and self-care. We help you see them as kind of part of the same goal instead of in opposition to each other.

In practical terms, that means learning to prevent burnout by prioritizing rest and self-care and letting go of productivity guilt.

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Productivity isn't black and white, it's personal as hell. And there's no single lifehack or framework to solve your problems. 

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My own experience  with burnout is shaped by physical and mental illness, so that is also a lot of what my Notion workspace is focused on.

I use Notion to help me work better, and for me that means tracking things like my physical health symptoms and my mental health and things like that. My entire dashboard is focused around anti-Hustle Culture mindset.

And be sure to check out our Notion resource hub for all our free tutorials and templates!