Not ready to join the Work Brighter Clubhouse? Taste test some of the individual trainings, tools, and templates from the Clubhouse on their own.

But remember that if you're interested in more than one thing listed here, your best deal will be in the Clubhouse!

Brighter Balance

brighter balance

Brighter Balance is a 4-week course to help you redefine balance in your own life, plan your ideal day, and built new, perfect FOR YOU routines.

Because you know you need to get shit done. And you know self-care is important. What you DON'T know is how to juggle both of them on the reg. 🙈

In Brighter Balance, you'll learn to stop swinging between "productive legend" and "burnt out mess," and find your sweet spot in the middle.

(Next live round Summer 2021) 

Work Brighter Automation Academy

work brighter automation academy

Make solopreneurship less of a time suck by automating the MOST boring biz shiz eating up your day!

WBAA is a self-paced tech training to help you understand automation, set your admin on autopilot, and say bye to boring biz shiz once & for all.

(Previously named "Build Your Own VA")

The Happy Habits Challenge

happy habits challenge

If goals are your end destination, habits are your turn-by-turn navigation. They're how achievements get met, projects get complete, and magic gets made.

The hard part is starting them, but I'm here to help...and make it fun!

In this $50 workshop and PDF bundle, you'll learn the Happy Habit framework for starting a new habit in 4 weeks.

Tool School Workshop

tool school

Hard truth: the tools you originally bought to help you grow your biz are prob holding you back.

Most of us choose the wrong tech and get caught up in software shiny object syndrome.

Tool School gives you a flexible decision-making process to bust that habit for good!

The Delightfully Easy Decluttering Challenge

You don't need me to tell you that decluttering can totally makeover your mindset. The cultural obsession with Marie Kondo's Netflix show told you for me. 😉

But when your whole life feels like a chaotic mess, where do you start?

This 5-day challenge gives you a place to start with different decluttering prompts that can be done in 15 minutes or less.

The Unlock Your Unicorn Energy Challenge

unlock your unicorn energy

Feeling tired and foggy from yet another productivity hangover? 😂

Sounds like you need energy management.

And this DIY challenge will walk you through getting started.

What you'll get:

  • A 4-week plan to makeover your schedule to manage your energy better, so work is easier & more productive
  • An energy management tracker to help notice your energy & mood throughout the day
  • A Unicorn Ideal Day Planner to adjust your schedule based on what you learn during the challenge
  • A 25-minute Q&A recording to answer any lingering questions you may have

Get started with the challenge for $50.

The Productivity Power-Up Workbook

the productivity power-up workbook

The Productivity Power-Up Workbook helps you figure out what's holding you back from getting shit done, then overhaul your work habits - all in one afternoon.

It's filled with 50+ questions & exercises to reflect on how you work. You'll identify what's working and what's not with your current systems and habits and which tools are holding you back.

Work Brighter With Airtable Template Bundle

work brighter with airtable templates

Airtable is an amazing tool for tracking anything in your life and business. But it's SO flexible that getting started can be overwhelming.

I did the hard part for you and customized Airtable's blank canvas into 4 ready-to-use templates for you, including an energy management tracker, self-care tracker, idea prioritizer, and quarterly planner.

Work Brighter With Notion Template + Training Bundle

work brighter with notion template bundle promo image

Notion is one of the most flexible, customizable work management tools I've ever used.

But even though that's exactly why I love the tool, I know that's also the exact reason other people find it overwhelming.

So I created a 45-minute training for getting started with the app, AND created templates for some of the Notion dashboards I use every day, and bundled it all together for you. 🙌