First Published:  | Last Updated: December 11, 2020

The gist: The rules of Hustle Culture weren't written for us. So why are we trying to follow them? Here's why you should aim to work brighter instead of work smarter.

You're meant to do so much more than just work smarter.

Here's what I mean:

Hustle Culture has us believing we need to be productive 24/7, obsess over working smarter, and prioritize productivity over most other things in our lives.

And what has it gotten us? A reputation as the burnout generation.

But the rules of Hustle Culture and working smarter were written for a workforce most of us wouldn't even have been allowed into.

They're written by and for rich, able-bodied, neurotypical white men climbing a corporate ladder with a wife waiting home for them taking care of half their responsibilities.

Why are we trying so hard to follow rules that weren't written for us in the first place? 🤔

If working smarter is the productivity rulebook for them, working brighter is productivity for the rest of us.

Working brighter is being productive, yes. But not all the time.

And definitely not at the expense of our mental health, self-care, or happiness.

Working brighter is going beyond generic time management advice and productivity hacks on the internet and personalizing them to actually make work easier FOR YOU. With all of the realities of your experience.

That might be balancing work with chronic physical or mental illness, juggling a job and single parenting, or navigating around workplace politics as a marginalized identity.

All these realities that are NEVER discussed in the productivity space, even though they have so much impact on our actual ability to get work done.

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