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Reminder to myself and anyone who needs it: your best is enough right now. I mean anytime, but especially in the middle of a literal global pandemic.

Here’s why I feel the need to say that:

Every time I log onto social media or my inbox, I’m bombarded with messages from business coaches telling me “your people need you now more than ever!” and “it’s irresponsible not to show up and serve your community.”

It’s all resulted in me feeling a ton of pressure to “take advantage” of the current uncertainty and try to hustle hard because people need me.

But hey…I’m a mentally ill, at-risk human living in a pandemic. I have ENOUGH on my plate right now. 🙈

As I’ve come to expect from the business community, the focus on content for business people is all on how to react as businesses, not as people.

So I’m still figuring out how to navigate the ways my business is changing in reaction to COVID-19.

My focus is on my reaction as a human.

I’m trying to spend as much time offline as possible, manage my increased anxiety and OCD triggers, and protect my health and my energy. (Feel free to copy this plan.)

Business will come next.

Because I do know that I can help you and the rest of my community right now. And believe me, I want to.

And if you’re adjusting to working remotely, with increased anxiety and health concerns…well I know something about that.

Seriously, there’ve been lots of jokes about how remote workers, introverts, online entrepreneurs, and more have been preparing their whole lives for this.

But for me, it goes beyond that.

Between all my ankle surgeries, other injuries, and stomach flare-ups, I’ve gone weeks without leaving the apartment to protect/respect my health more times than I can count.

I’ve figured out how to get work done when you feel like your life is chaos.

I’ve figured out how to entertain yourself and not get cabin fever when you can’t leave the house (the answer is INTENTIONAL TV watching, not mindless TV binging).

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I’ve figured out how to stay active in a 400-square-foot box without any dedicated workout equipment (the answer is one-person dance parties).

And I really do want to share it all with you.

I’m just doing the best I can

That’s all anyone can expect of each other right now, right?

I mean, this whole brand is about rebelling against productivity pressure. But we need that now more than ever.