3 Productivity "Best" Practices That Are Actually THE WORST (and What to Replace Them With)


You know how to be productive and get shit done...at least...you THINK you do.

But whenever you're at your most productive at work, you're at your messiest everywhere else. We're talking real chaos, both physically and emotionally.

Plus, it never lasts longer than a few weeks before you burn out and crash for a few days before you start the cycle all over again.

You're following the productivity rules like waking up at 5am, time blocking your calendar, and all the other things that are supposed to keep you on top of it.

But still, burnout always feels right around the corner. 😬

'Cause here's the thing:

Those productivity gurus throwing out all those quick hacks? THEY DON'T KNOW YOUR LIFE. 💁🏻‍♀️

So following their advice too closely is like following a GPS's turn-by-turn directions with the wrong destination plugged in.

And it's time to get you back on the right track.

But first...

There are a few more roadblocks, traffic circles, and speed bumps standing between you and sustainable, natural productivity that makes work easy.

In this webinar, we're going to bust the top X productivity myths keeping your burnt out and overwhelmed, and the mindset shifts you need to make for better balance.

You're gonna learn:

  • Why you're way more productive than you think you are (based on our "brighter" definition of productivity)
  • Why balance is WAY closer than you think (and YES! it exists!)
  • Real statistics (science, y'all) to kick your self-care shame to the curb
  • The 4-part productivity cycle that wards off burnout
  • Realistic, practical ways to make work easier, starting * tomorrow *

Join me on Tuesday, September 24 at 1pm ET to start busting myths, and burnout: