You know you could manage your energy better, but where do you start? 🤔

The Unlock Your Unicorn Energy challenge walks you through each step of adjusting your life to well...unlock your unicorn energy. 🦄

unlock your unicorn energy

When you enroll in the challenge, you'll learn how to:

  • Track your energy, productivity, and mood easily and with the help of automation 🤖
  • Journal through our workbook to help you understand how your work impacts your energy ✨
  • Plan your new ideal day that takes advantage of your energy to unlock unicorn productivity 🦄

Here's what one Clubhouse member had to say about it:

"The energy management challenge was so, so helpful to figure out what tasks worked best for me, how I best worked, and when. It's been pretty much life changing!" - Rachel S.

And here's what's included:

  • Unlock Your Unicorn Energy challenge to walk you through getting started
  • Energy management tracker for Airtable to track your progress
  • Ideal day planner to plan and make changes to better harness your energy