Work Brighter Body Doubling Sessions

Escape the Holiday Hustle for an hour at a time to focus on what matters and connect with other bright minds ☀️

For most of us, the end of the year is a paradox of chaos.

Not only do we have more work than usual, trying to “wrap up” as many projects as possible before we flip the calendar to a new year…

We also have less time to do it.

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With holidays and office closings, there are less working days.

And with holiday parties, house decorating, and gift shopping, there’s less “extra time” to squeeze work in outside of normal office hours.

It can feel impossible to get everything done.

And maybe it is, but we’ll still do our best, even if it’s just an hour at a time.

And you don't have to do it alone.

Work Brighter is running virtual body doubling sessions to help you create space on your calendar to work on things that you need to get done before the end of the year.

What is body doubling?

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Body doubling is a productivity strategy focused on having someone (or several someones) present with you as you work on something, to help you stay focused and accountable to the task you intend to do.

That presence can be either physical or virtual, they can be working on the same task or something different, and you can interact with each other or do your own thing.

What matters is that you can feel their presence somehow.

Benefits of body doubling

  • It puts the space on your calendar to work on a specific project, increasing the chance the work will actually get done. Especially since there’s accountability to other people involved involved, and most of us have an easier time sticking to commitments we make for other people than ones we make to ourselves.
  • It offers an easy, low pressure way to socialize. For neurodivergent people who might be introverts, have rejection sensitive dysphoria, or get socially anxious for another reason, a coworking session with minimal socializing may be less anxiety-inducing than something more high-contact (speaking from experience here!).
  • It can be amazing for motivation and your confidence in your work, if you and your body double make sure to support and encourage each other. That encouraging outside voice can help combat the negative self-talk we tend to run on replay in our heads.
  • It can make boring tasks more fun. Between the novelty of doing the task differently plus the fun of a social experience, it can easily liven up boring work like repetitive admin.

If this sounds helpful to you...

We’re hosting free virtual body doubling sessions throughout November and December to help you handle the holiday chaos, one hour at a time.

The body doubling sessions will be on Zoom from 11am-12pm PST (translate that to your time zone here) on:

  • Tuesday, November 28
  • Tuesday, December 5
  • Tuesday, December 12

During the sessions, we’ll chat a bit so you can connect with other disabled, neurodivergent, and chronically ill community members and talk through anything that has you feeling "stuck" on what you're working on.

But we’ll mostly spend time on two 25-minute sessions of focused progress (the Pomodoro technique) on whatever task is most important or urgent for each of us at the time.

Ready to join us?

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