The Work Brighter With Notion Bundle

Logging into Notion for the first time tends to prompt one of two reactions:

Option A: "Oh my God, it's so customizable!"

hearteyes smiley

Option B: "Oh my God, it's so customizable!"

vomit smiley

Because Notion's biggest strength is also its biggest weakness, depending on who you ask.

It's infinitely flexible and customizable to your needs.

They basically hand you a bucket of LEGOs and let you build whatever you want.

For me, that was the dream. 😍

I'd always wanted to build my own to-do list tool, my own habit tracker, my own CRM.

To have tech systems that were COMPLETELY customized to the way my brain worked, not some developer's.

But for so many people I talked to, it was a nightmare.

Sound familiar?

Sure, you want something more flexible than the mainstream productivity tools out there.

But that doesn't mean you wanted to take the time to build it yourself, totally from scratch.

You checked out the app and created an account, but setting up your first few pages seemed like too much work.

So you just closed the tab and went back to Trello...

...All the while knowing your needs could be better served by Notion if you just got the right dashboards set up.

So I put together this bundle with everything you need to get started with Notion quickly, instead of having to spend hours customizing your workspace first.

Introducing the Work Brighter with Notion Bundle! 🎉

A training & template bundle to help you get going with Notion in a single afternoon

This training and template combination is designed to school you on the Notion basics as quickly as possible, so you can start experiencing the magic of working inside this tool without the wait of building a fancy workspace.

There's a training on how to use basic features of the app, along with a bright bunch of templates to copy and paste right into your workspace.

What's included in the bundle:

  • 45-minute "getting started with Notion" training
  • 30-minute video answering common Notion FAQs
  • 10+ Notion templates to help you with productivity, self-care, and your day-to-day responsibilities

The current templates included are:

  • Quarterly planning template pack
  • Personal relationship manager template
  • "Read It Later" / content bookmarks template
  • Writing tracker template
  • Idea prioritizer template
  • Bullet journal template pack
  • Habit tracker template
  • Energy management tracker template
  • Reflection template pack for daily, weekly, and monthly reviews