Banish energy hangovers to make work (and life) feel easier with 

 The Energy Effect ⚡️

Even if you don't recognize the term "energy hangover," I KNOW you recognize the feeling...

You know when you kick off Monday feeling energized and productive af, power through a bunch of tasks, and then can barely think on Tuesday?

That's an energy hangover. 💁🏻‍♀️

When you set aside 5 minutes to write a quick email, but for some reason you can find the words and end up staring at a blank compose screen for half an hour?

That's also an energy hangover. 🤷🏻‍♀️

And when any task takes wayyy longer than you planned for it to, and longer than it has for you before?

That's an energy hangover, too. 🙃

An energy hangover happens when you try to do different tasks and activities without enough energy, or the right kind of energy, to complete them.

And different activities take different types of energy.

For example, there's:

  • Physical energy
  • Creative energy
  • Social energy
  • Emotional energy
different types of energy chart

So your different energies ebb and flow throughout the day and week, and different kinds are suited for different activities.

But most people don't take the time to learn those rhythms their body follows.

That's when the energy hangover happens.

But when you learn how to manage your energy, you can better match up your everyday activities with the energy you need to complete them.

When you do this, work gets done faster, feels easier, and drains you less.

THAT is the power of
The Energy Effect. 🤯

The Energy Effect is what I call it when you experience the power of energy management for the first time and are in total awe.

When something that's always been a struggle taking an hour or more suddenly becomes a quick 15-minute task...JUST by changing what time of day you do it at.

Basically...The Energy Effect is the closest us mere mortals can get to magic. 🪄

And this crash course in energy management basics will help you unlock and harness it. 🔐

In The Energy Effect, you're going to learn about how powerful your natural energy is.

Yes, the energy you already have.

You see, most approaches to energy management go like this:

  • Take an assessment to find out what you're doing "wrong" based on common "best practices" 🤮
  • Get scared and shocked into wanting to make drastic changes
  • Try to change everything about your routine at once based on some productive blueprint
  • Get overwhelmed by all the change at once, and exhausted by working against your natural rhythms and patterns 🙈
  • Burn out on your new routine quickly and end up back at square one

But at Work Brighter, we don't believe you're broken, or doing anything "wrong." 💛

We don't believe you need to change everything about your day or the way you work.

And we don't believe in making drastic changes.

We're all about small hops over big leaps.

That's why... 

Instead of trying to change and work against your natural energy rhythms and patterns, The Energy Effect will teach your how to understand them enough to better work WITH them.

You'll learn how to harness the energy you already have...when you already have it.

It'll make your work life easier, make your home life run more smoothly, and save yourself a lot of time, energy, and stress in the process.

Here's how the course works:

In Part 1, you'll learn what energy management is, why is matters, and how to understand your different categories of energy.

the energy effect lesson 1
the energy effect energy tracker

In Part 2, you get to dive into your first Energy Investigation, using energy tracking to hone your self-awareness around your energy.

In Part 3, you'll journal your Energy Analysis, reflecting on your energy investigation and coming to conclusions about your energy peak, productivity power hours, and mood happy hours.

the energy effect podcast
happy habit planner

In Part 4, you'll make your first  Energy Adjustments. You'll take everything you've learned about yourself and energy management and combine it to plan a new Real Ideal Day and Happy Habits.

One productive unicorn from the Work Brighter community had this to say about it:

"The energy management challenge was so, so helpful to figure out what tasks worked best for me, how I best worked, and when. 

It's been pretty much life changing!" - Rachel S.

Here's what's included:

The Energy Effect Resources Mockup
  • 4 modules walking you through everything you need to get started with energy management, available in multiple formats so you can read or listen to it, depending on how you learn best
  • Private podcast feed of the course curriculum for easy listening on-the-go
  • 11 printable, fillable workbooks to make implementing what you learn in the lessons clear and simple
  • Energy trackers for multiple platforms so you can easily slip the Energy Investigation into your existing productivity system, if you have one
  • Printable habit tracker to keep up momentum with the changes you've made after the course ends
  • Bonus video recordings of past energy management workshops and Q&As
  • Access to a course community to ask questions, get accountability, and share your wins.

And you can start unlocking your own energy effect today for $50.

You might be wondering...

Who even are you and why should I let you help me?

Hello! I'm Brittany, the founder of Work Brighter. Nice to meet you! If you join the course, we'll get to know each other better in the course community/forum, but here's a bit about me:

I'm a disabled, chronically ill, and neurodivergent human who used to exhaust myself working 60+ hour weeks just to keep up with my more abled and neurotypical counterparts.

But when I learned about energy management through the concept of spoon theory in the disability community, I realized I didn't need to burn myself out just existing in everyday society and doing my job.

So when I started Work Brighter, I came up with a process to teach the concept to other people - that's what became The Energy Effect.

How do I access the course?

Once you make your purchase, you'll automatically be added to the course and community platforms.

You'll receive your login information from those companies via email, along with a welcome email from me with more information on everything you need to go through the course!

What if I buy this and don't like it? Can I return it?

Because of the instant access of the materials, we do not currently offer refunds on the course. However, I'm happy to coach you through any troubles you're having with it inside the course community.

You have a lot of different trackers! How do I know which tracker to choose?

Don't worry, that's covered in one of the course lessons! There's even a handy infographic to help you. 😀

I have another question you don't have here...

No problem! You can email us at hey (at) workbrighter (dot) co or direct message us on Instagram at @workbrighter.

Unlock your own energy effect today for $50.