Fave Online Business Tools

  • Gsuite: get Gmail and Google Drive accounts that match your website domain for more storage and more profesh branding for $50/year
  • ConvertKit: simplify email email marketing with software that makes it easy to take advantage from automation from day 1 (you know how I feel about automation! 😍)
  • Thrive Themes: Thrive has multiple WordPress tools & plugins I couldn't run my sites without, from creating easy landing pages and opt-in forms to building creative opt-in quizzes.
  • CoSchedule: I use CoSchedule to schedule & automate social media, but it's so much more. It's the only scheduling tool that gives me a full bird's eye view of all my marketing and how campaigns & automations mix together.
  • Canva: the *best* graphic design tool for the non-pro designer. They make it so much easier to hide your lack of talent. 😉
  • Zoom: ditch buggy call software, annoying webinar software, and basically everything else that makes it hard to interact with each other face-to-face and in real time.
  • Teachable: monetize your content and personal brand with an online course or workshop - Teachable is my fave for making content easy to sell!

Fave Productivity Tools

  • Airtable: idk how to even describe Airtable - it's spreadsheets, to-do lists, kanban boards, and anything else you want it to be. 🤓
  • EvernoteI've tried all the alternatives, and Evernote is the brain dumping/note-taking app I always come back to, thanks to its amazing integrations and extras like the web clipper and PDF scanning.
  • TodoistSame goes with Todoist...I've tried so many times to be productive with Asana or Things, but Todoist is the only to-do list/project management app that's easy for me to maintain week after week for years.
  • Trello: Trello is my virtual bulletin board, for reminders, to-dos, collages, and more. These days, I'm mostly using it for manifesting and goal setting and vision boarding.
  • TogglI've never done time-based or hourly work in my business, but I track my time pretty religiously anyway. It's a great way to stay mindful and aware of where your time is going.
  • IFTTTGet started automating your work and life with IFTTT, which makes setting up simple automated workflows something anyone can do. 🤖
  • ZapierZapier is a more business-focused automation app than IFTTT, and lets you get into more advanced app automations. My biz wouldn't exist without it!
  • AlfredAlfred's Powerpack lets you automate your Mac so hard, you feel like you're one of the intense hackers in movies. You can make things just magically happen. 😮
  • Shortcuts: The Workflow app I used to automate my iPhone and iPad for years was acquired by Apple and those amazing automation powers are now *built-in* to iOS 12. Why don't more people use this?!
  • SparkI'm all about setting email boundaries, and switching to a Mac app for email instead of letting a tab sit in Chrome all day was a *huge* step with that.
  • PocketI believe creating great content requires consuming great content, and lots of it. But that gets super unproductive without a way to organize it all. Pocket lets me collect things for when I need them.
  • LastPass: you want passwords that are secure AND that you can remember?! Not possible, buddy. Just make them secure and use LastPass to store them for you.
  • Slackteam communication, BFF messaging groups, app notifications, and more. You can do whatever you want with Slack.

Fave self-care Tools

  • Bullet JournalI spent my whole life *wanting* to journal consistently, but it wasn't til I found the bujo method that I actually WAS consistent. You can technically bullet journal in any notebook, but for me, dot grid pages are the perfect amount of whitespace/freedom and structure.
  • DayOneonce I started journaling consistently, I started wanting a digital version for even easier braindumping, even if I wasn't at my desk/journal. I toyed with a lot of options but ended up loving DayOne!
  • Aloe Bud: consider this a virtual accountability buddy for your self-care. The cutest and most helpful app ever, it encourages and reminds you to do things like meditate, hydrate, take breaks, and other things we can forget to do when we're in the zone. 😍
  • Stridesif you love the idea of Aloe Bud but want to get a little more customized (but less adorable), then a regular habit tracking app will be perfect for you. Strides is my favorite in that category!
  • ShineTexthave trouble staying positive and focused on your self-care? Shine's app and text messages deliver daily pep talks that seem to always know what I need to hear.
  • MoodKitif you're working to manage a mental illness, a cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) app can be a great addition to your self-care routine. It's especially great to have in your pocket when you encounter triggers out in everyday life!
  • 10% Happier: I have a complicated relationship with meditation, so a lot of the meditation/mindfulness apps out there grate on my nerves. This app offers "meditation for fidgety skeptics," which tbh makes me feel TOO seen. 😬
  • Fitbit Charge 2working from home with chronic illness, it can be too easy to sit all day, even when I'm well enough not to. This model Fitbit tracker has an hourly reminder to get up and move around a little, which is more helpful than I should admit. Plus, I can monitor how anxiety is impacting my heart rate, and get a "go to bed" reminder for my evening routine.
  • Online Therapy: you can get this through online services or even through your regular therapist, but being able to communicate online with a therapist whenever you need to braindump is...absolutely wonderful. Seriously.
  • YouFeelLikeShit.comthis is an amazingly creative virtual, interactive game. Go there when, well, you feel like shit, and it will quiz you to help you figure out what you need to feel better.
  • The Work Brighter ClubhouseI mean sure, I'm biased. But better than any one tool or app is a community of other productive unicorns who care as much about self-care as you do. 🤗 

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