You were meant to do so much more than just work smarter

Start working brighter instead with our weekly notes on redefining productivity and escaping Hustle Culture

Our obsession with Hustle Culture and working smarter has gotten out of control.

We’ve tried the "work smarter, not harder," “get shit done,” “hustle your heart out” mindset that prioritizes productivity over everything else in our lives.

And what did we do?

Exhausted ourselves on work and burnt out. Hard. 😬

That's why you need to do more than just work smarter.

Working Smarter vs Brighter

It's time to Work Brighter instead.

Working brighter means going beyond generic "work smarter" advice on the internet and personalizing it to work FOR YOU.

It means creating your own routines for work, productivity, and self-care.

Working brighter means balancing productivity with "unproductive" things like rest, mental health, self-care, and fun.

All the parts of a truly bright life. 🦄

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