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Work Brighter, Not Smarter 🦄

Our obsession with working smarter has gotten out of control.

We’ve tried the “get shit done,” “hustle your heart out” mindset that prioritizes productivity over everything.

And what did we do?

Exhausted ourselves on work and burnt out. Hard.

You can do more than work smarter.

Because productivity on its own is. 👏 not. 👏 enough. 👏

On its own, productivity helps you save time on make room for more work. It helps you get through your to-do add more to your to-do list. And more and more and more, until you burn out (again).


Stop prioritizing your productivity above everything else, including yourself.

Stop living in cycles of awesome productivity followed by awful burnout.

Stop feeling guilty for needing breaks and some rest.

Stop working smarter, and start working brighter. 🌈

That means means going beyond generic "work smarter" advice on the internet and personalizing it to work FOR YOU.

It means creating your own routines for work, productivity, and self-care.

Working brighter means balancing productivity with unproductivity: things like rest, self-care, and fun. All the parts of a truly bright life.

And transforming into a bright, productive unicorn along the way. 🦄

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