Okay, calling all entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startup heroes who are stuck in the endless cycle of awesome productivity followed by awful burnout...

We need to have a little chat. 💁🏻‍♀️

Do you realize you can build a creative career you love *without* accepting all-consuming burnout as a regular part of business?

We’ve been so swallowed up by hustle culture and bro-preneur productivity that you can forget there are other options.

You love your work, obvs. And there’s a LOT you wanna do with your career. But for you, productivity is more than that. You already know how to "work smart" and put in hours. All too well!

What you *really* need help with is TURNING OFF your workaholic tendencies...

  • Like, when to call it a day on your to-do list and open up Netflix for the night.
  • And how to tell when a nap or a walk outside is the answer to the strategy problem you’ve been obsessing over for hours.
  • Or when you realize you haven't seen your friends and family (or gone outside) at all in recent memory.
  • And when it's time for you to find a new hobby (remember hobbies?!)

You need to learn to balance *wanting* to go after everything (a podcast! an online course! making your dog Insta-famous!)...

With *needing* to take care of yourself (actual weekends off, daily routines, and of course, regular dance breaks! 🕺).

After all, the reason you REALLY care about "working smart" is so you can have things OTHER than work going on for yourself. 

When you’re working hard and hustling ( 🙄), you can’t look as self-care and rest as rewards for hard work. 

They need to be part of the creative process. 

Yeah, you heard me.

Without a break or two, you’ll burn out long before you get *anywhere* near your goals.

Take it from someone who straddled the line between “making it” and “breaking it” for 3 years... (Spoiler alert: eventually I broke.)

the situation's more nuanced than that gif

You need to adjust your mindset around productivity and success if you want to work hard AND have fun. 

  • It means viewing rest and self-care as jobs to be done, part of your to-do list.
  • This means building habits, systems and routines for *all* areas of your life instead of just work.
  • And it means scheduling and systemizing your health and hobbies the same way you do your work.
  • Maybe even some outsourcing and automation, too! 

It's about working brighter. 🌈

Working brighter goes beyond working smarter. It's also living smarter, playing smarter, and resting smarter, too.

And most importantly, working brighter means surrounding yourself with friends who are committed to working brighter and becoming productive unicorns with you. 🦄

Friends who won’t JUST hold you accountable to get your work done. They’ll also encourage you to take breaks and waste time now and then too.

Think of it like a “self-care mastermind,” with no productivity shame allowed!

You get to connect with other professionals and entrepreneurs, but help each other with our lives OUTSIDE of work.

(Because let’s be real, sometimes your work and business is the one thing in your life you’ve got covered. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So if you need a self-care support squad to keep you from yet another burnout, we’re waiting for you in the Work Brighter Clubhouse! 🎉

The Work Brighter Clubhouse is a community for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and side hustlers who are ready to ditch quick hacks and one-size-fits-all frameworks so they can help each other personalize the productivity rules to fit their own unicorn lives. 🤓

It’s where you’ll figure out how to work (and rest) in ways that work for YOU, surrounded by the Leslie Knope-style cheerleaders you need to dig into your own habits and quirks.

It's an escape from all the “hustle harder” and “balance doesn’t exist” noise out there on social media and in your inbox, full of other people as determined as you to prove those claims ridiculously wrong. 

We’ll help each other screw productivity best practices and create our own, brighter rules to stop...

  • Living in endless cycles of awesome productivity followed by not-so-awesome burnout
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve to take care of yourself til you’ve taken care of work
  • Burdening yourself with self-care shame and guilt when you take time off
  • Worrying that you’ve never done “enough” compared to the people you follow online
  • Measuring your happiness by your productivity and to-do list

And we'll join together to…

  • Build healthy habits and routines to spend your time in ways that matter
  • Manage your time & energy so you have room for more than just work
  • Improve your mental and physical health, get good at self-care, and stop burning out
  • Make sure you consistently make time for hobbies and friends
  • Work less without the anxiety your work will suffer
  • Streamline your work without crazy 4-hour hacks
  • Adjust your mindset around work and business to put yourself first

Are you ready to stop working smarter and start working brighter?!

Here's how it works and what's included...

slack screenshot

We talk to each other in the Clubhouse Slack community 24/7, like a virtual watercooler or Central Perk to spend your work breaks hanging out at.

You can escape here for breaks, “I need to talk this out” moments, or when you’re super stressed.

work brighter airtable templates

There’s an on-demand library of challenges, courses, and tools to help you work and live brighter. From self-care checklists and biz planning templates to decluttering prompts and automation trainings, get help with all areas of your life that are stressing you out.

weekly coworking calls

Weekly productivity parties and happy hours in Zoom make remote working less lonely and make sure you’re not just planning your weeks strategically, but celebrating when you get closer to your endgame goals.

work brighter spotify playlist

And finally, you’ll get regular surprises to brighten your week, like personal intros to other Clubhouse members I know you’ll be BFFs with, Spotify playlists full of motivating and inspiring music (yes, there’s Lizzo), and exclusive deals for software and tools.

And because working brighter and making time for self-care isn’t just for people pulling six figures in passive income...

the Clubhouse is priced to be accessible for as many creatives as possible at $30/month.

Working brighter instead of smarter means…

  • Breaking the constant cycle of “Woohoo! Get shit done!” followed by painful burnout
  • Having goals and routines *outside* of work (without dropping the ball on your career)
  • Building habits to help you STOP prioritizing work above your health and self-care

And this Clubhouse is what you need if…

  • You feel guilty making time for yourself instead of putting in another hour of work (self-care shame is REAL, y’all!)
  • Your best months in business are always followed by your worst months and big-time burnout
  • It feels like your career or business isn’t far along enough to slow down yet
  • You’re not even sure if you deserve time for yourself, a personal life, and self-care
  • You feel guilty whenever you say “no” to something
  • You have a family, chronic illness, or mental health problem that means work *cannot* be your top priority in life

Here's how the Clubhouse has helped other unicorns redefine productivity:

"The way you've gone about working on this while staying true to your values has been SO inspiring. And the energy management challenge was so, so helpful to figure out what tasks worked best for me, how I best worked, and when. It's been pretty much life changing!" - Rachel S.

"I hate "the hustle" and everything is purports. I want to grow my business from a graceful place and felt like the Clubhouse was a bunch of people who felt the same as I did. I love the community and support and the intimacy of it. It's so refreshing compared to the other FB groups with like thousands of ppl in them where you don't know everyone and you get lost. This is a real community." - Arielle S.

"I love that we can talk about business, life, TV, etc. I feel like so many online communities are either one or the other, and I like the blended approach :)" - Brittney L.

"I realized I didn't care as much about what kind of business the people I connected with were in, but it mattered to me if they went about their business in a more similar way to me. I've always felt like my business isn't as important as my health, sanity and family, but in retail - especially around the holidays - that can be a really unpopular opinion. It seems like people are either making their business their whole lives or treating their business as a hobby, and I'm not doing either." - Erin S.

"This is NOT your typical program where someone says 'after X numbers of weeks, you'll be magically cured of your your mental illness or whatnot. It was finally a safe and fun place to truly let it out: the highs of working in your business (yay, got another client!) to the lows parts (putting my needs before my business guilt trip). Other memberships mainly treat getting through the day is no big deal. But here every win, big or small, business or in life, IS A BIG DEAL. This membership is like my own personal cheerleader!" - Vittoria D.

"I struggle with a panic disorder and am also incredibly ambitious, and I've come to find this is not the best combination of traits, haha. So when I heard Brittany was opening up an online community for people like me to support each other and promote self-care, I was all in. It's challenging for me to be able to give myself the space to take care of myself without a ton of guilt, and the Clubhouse not only helps me overcome that, but also make me feel less alone. There are so many incredible people inside the clubhouse and I love this community that Brittany has created!" - Ashley H.

This is NOT a business community or mastermind. We’re not digging deep into tactics like growing your email list or building a content strategy...there are enough communities like that out there already, and they’re great for that. You can even ask Clubhouse members which ones they’re in to find the right one.

But if those communities are like virtual business conferences, the Work Brighter Clubhouse is the fun, silly, and relaxing slumber party you have with your biz besties in the hotel upstairs. 

We’ll be less like colleagues and more like BFFs, and I’m not your drill sergeant-esque coach pushing you to hustle harder, simply the party hostess here to make sure everyone is having their best time.

​frequently asked questions

What kind of resources are in the Clubhouse?

Some of the tools already in the Library are an energy management challenge that's a great intro to the Clubhouse.

There are also courses to help you build new habits, declutter your life, and automate your work. But my personal favorite is the bundle of Airtable templates for systemizing self-care. 🤓 

(New resources are added bimonthly, and members can make direct requests at any time!)

You said it’s on Slack? Tell me about that.

Yup! The Clubhouse will take place in a Slack team instead of a Facebook group, so that you don’t have to deal with the *rest* of Facebook to have fun with us!

You can either download the Slack app, or check the website during your 5-minute breaks...WITHOUT a barrage of random distractions, your aunt’s weird political rants, spammy coaching and MLM pitches, and everything else that Facebook can bring.

We’ll be in our own bright little bubble. 😀

Okay, but is it just full of business owners who get more productive and balanced by outsourcing to other people?

Not at all! We do have several entrepreneurs in the group growing big teams and outsourcing a lot, but they're the exception, not the rule.

We're a varied mix of online entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employees at startups and agencies. What we have in common is annoyance with the hustle culture that comes with working remotely, the obsession with scaling everywhere in online business, and the need to find balance between using tech for work and for rest.

I'm getting interested. Is it a girls-only type of thing?

Absolutely not! The Clubhouse may be like a slumber party, but assuming slumber parties are just for girls is gendered BS. It's open to all genders and identities.

Okay, I'm in! Where do I sign up?

Yaaaay! We're gonna be such good friends. Just go here to make it official.

If you're a current member looking to log into the Clubhouse, you can do that right here.