Are you ready to Work Brighter? Join the Clubhouse!

“I’m not here to make friends hustle and hack my way to productivity.”

- Me, you, and everyone we know 💁🏻

We’re ALL tired of the bro-preneur approach to productivity…

The get shit done, harder, faster, stronger mindset, that prioritizes doing as much as possible at whatever costs. Hacking away your life and work, just so you can work some more. 🙄

But you already know how to work hard and put in hours, what you need help with is TURNING OFF your workaholic tendencies...

Like, when to call it a day on your to-do list and turn on TV.

Or when a break and a walk outside is the answer to a biz problem you’re working on.

And how to balance wanting to go after everything (a podcast...a Instagram for your dog!) with needing to take care of yourself (time off...daily routines...regular dance breaks!).

Because sure, you love your career and there’s a LOT you wanna do with it.

But the main reason you REALLY care about working smart and being productive is so you can have things other than work going on for you: family and friends.


And a good, juicy Netflix binge once in a while. 

tv binge

BUT Right now, you feel guilty whenever you prioritize yourself over your work. 😬

Sure, you’ll give yourself a break when you NEED to...taking a rare mental health day, saying “no” to a new opportunity, and doing things that seem unproductive...but ONLY when you’ve “earned it.”

But even when you do treat yourself, you can’t stop thinking about work during your time off. And half the time, you regret the choice the next day.

And you’ve been working like this for years!

Mayyybe you’ve managed to avoid total burnout, but you also can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel it creeping just a few bad days away.

That’s because most productivity advice doesn’t talk about when to *stop* being productive and focus on the rest of your life.

To do that, you need to stop working smarter and start working brighter. 🌈

Let go of the mindset that self-care is a reward for hard work, and start seeing it as part of the process.

You can’t wait until you’re a successful CEO to take time off and relax! 

Without a break or two, you’ll get stuck and burn out long before you ever meet your goals. Take it from someone who straddled the line between “making it” and “breaking it” for almost 3 years…

You need to adjust your mindset around productivity and success if you want to work hard AND have fun.

Success is about how you feel, not what you’re doing.

This means building habits and routines for all different areas of your life. Viewing rest and self-care as jobs to be done, part of your to-do list. Scheduling and systemizing your health and hobbies the same way you do your work. Maybe even some outsourcing.

Not just working smarter, but living smarter, playing smarter, and resting smarter, too.

And most importantly, surrounding yourself with friends who are committed to working brighter and becoming productive unicorns with you. 🦄

Friends who won’t JUST hold you accountable to get your work done, but will also encourage you to take breaks and waste time now and then too. Who will push you to get balance and stay balanced, consistently making time for everything that matters to you. (No self-care shame allowed!)

Think of it like a “self-care mastermind!”

You get to connect with other professionals in careers like yours, but help each other with our lives OUTSIDE of work. Because let’s be real, sometimes your job is the one area you’ve got covered. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This is what’s waiting for you in the Work Brighter Clubhouse!

The Clubhouse is a community for entrepreneurs who are ready to ditch quick hacks and complicated frameworks so they can help each other personalize productivity.

It’s where you’ll figure out how to work in ways that REALLY work for you, surrounded by the Leslie Knope-style cheerleaders you need to dig into your own habits and quirks.

An escape from all the “hustle harder” and “balance doesn’t exist” noise out there on social media and in your inbox, full of other women as determined as you to prove those claims ridiculously wrong. 

We’ll help each other screw productivity best practices and create our own, brighter rules to stop...

  • Living in endless cycles of awesome productivity followed by not-so-awesome burnout
  • Feeling like you don’t deserve to take care of yourself until you’ve taken care of work
  • Burdening yourself with self-care shame and guilt when you take time off
  • Worrying that you’ve never done “enough” compared to the influencers you follow online
  • Measuring your happiness by your productivity and to-do list

And join together to…

  • Build healthy habits and routines to spend your time in ways that matter
  • Manage your time & energy so you have room for more than just work
  • Improve your mental and physical health, get good at self-care, and stop burning out
  • Make sure you consistently make time for hobbies and friends
  • Work less without the anxiety your work will suffer
  • Streamline your work without crazy 4-hour hacks
  • Adjust your mindset around work and business to put yourself first

Are you ready to stop working smarter and start working brighter?!

Here's how it works...

What's included in the clubhouse beta:

The Main Clubhouse

A 24/7 Slack community is the Clubhouse watercooler for supporting each other all day. 

You can escape here for breaks, “I need to talk this out” moments, or when you’re super stressed. Think of it like a virtual Central Perk or Luke’s Diner!

Virtual Lunch Breaks

Share danceworthy wins and solve the ugh-iest problems with smarties who’ve got your back in weekly Zoom hangouts. 

Think of it like a “life mastermind,” since the support goes sooo far beyond just your work or business!

Monthly Challenges

Get help solving problems and creating habits with monthly challenges like finding your best work schedule, building morning and evening routines, and changing your email mindset.

Every month we’ll take on a new area of personal development together!

​New BFFs Galore

Along with the main clubhouse and lunch breaks,  you’ll receive a 1:1 introduction to other Clubhouse members. 

You'll be sure to find virtual pen pals you have things in common with here in the group! Here, you’re not just networking, you’re making friends.


  • Once you join, you’ll receive an email confirmation.
  • Within 24 hours, you’ll receive instructions for accessing the community.
  • Watch the video tour to get familiar different rooms in the Slack clubhouse and learn how the virtual breaks and challenges will work.
  • Introduce yourself in the main chat so we can start getting to know each other!
  • Each month, the monthly challenge topic and timeline will be posted so you can set your goal for it. Over the next 3 weeks, we’ll work together to make one area of our life a little brighter!

The beta program of the Work Brighter Clubhouse is an investment of $20/month.

This is a lot less than what the full Clubhouse membership will cost. In exchange for the sweet deal, you’re good committing to the 2-month beta period and giving feedback afterwards.

Working brighter means…

  • Breaking the constant cycle of “Woohoo! Get shit done!” followed by painful burnout
  • Having goals and routines *outside* of work (without dropping the ball on your career)
  • Building habits to help you STOP prioritizing work above your health and self-care

And this Clubhouse is what you need if…

  • You feel guilty making time for yourself instead of putting in another hour of work (self-care shame is REAL, y’all!)
  • Your best months in business are always followed by your worst months and big-time burnout
  • It feels like your career or business isn’t far along enough to slow down yet
  • You’re not even sure if you deserve time for yourself, a personal life, and self-care
  • You feel guilty whenever you say “no” to something
  • You have a family, chronic illness, or mental health problem that means work *cannot* be your top priority in life

This is what’s waiting for you in the Work Brighter Clubhouse!

This is NOT a business community or mastermind. We’re not digging deep into tactics like growing your email list or building a content strategy...there are enough communities like that out there already, and they’re great for that.

But if those communities are like virtual business conferences, the Work Brighter Clubhouse is the relaxing slumber party you have with the other conference attendees in the hotel upstairs.

We’ll be less like colleagues and more like BFFs, and I’m not your drill sergeant-esque coach, simply the party hostess here to make sure everyone is having their best time.

​frequently asked questions

How long does this thing last?

The beta version of the Clubhouse will run from October 1 to November 30. And of course, you're welcome to stay in the clubhouse after the beta period is over!

What do you mean when you say this is a beta?

This is a new idea that I’m trying out, so think of yourself as part of the test run. You get early access to the program at a big ol’ discount. As a trade-off, you agree to help make the public version as awesome as it can be by actively participating in the Clubhouse and sharing feedback on the program. said it’s on Slack? Tell me about that.

Yup! The Clubhouse beta will take place in a Slack team instead of a Facebook group, so that you don’t have to deal with the *rest* of Facebook to have fun with us!

You can either download the Slack app to your computer or phone and keep the Clubhouse open all day or check the website during your 5-minute breaks...WITHOUT a barrage of random distractions, your aunt’s weird political rants, spammy coaching and MLM pitches, and everything else that Facebook can bring.

We’ll be in our own bright little bubble. 😀