Deep Work is the book for anyone on the strugglebus to focus and get their most important work done around all the day-to-day minutiae. 

deep work

Not only does it break down what deep work is and why it's important, it also goes into the *different types* of deep work and which ones work best for different types of people.

My personal story with Deep Work:

Deep Work helped me reframe my mindset around work environments.

You see, I've never been the type to hide away at a desk in a quiet office for hours at a time. Or to escape to a cabin in the woods to write my masterpiece.

No, no. When I write my masterpiece, it'll be written in the lobby of my dance studio, 15-minutes at a time between twirling and twerking.

Doesn't sound like an ideal work environment, does it? 🤔


The most helpful part of Deep Work was learning that high quality work can be done in any environment when you make it work for you. For example, what I just described isn't ineffective or shallow, it's just not your traditional picture of deep work - it's "journalistic deep work."

Sound interesting? Check out the book to understand it all:

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